NetSuite Credit Card
Processing Options

Do you know what your real NetSuite credit card processing options are? Would you like to spend less on NetSuite credit card processing fees or expensive NetSuite point of sale (POS) solutions? Are you unhappy with your current NetSuite credit card processor?

Rely on the NetSuite credit card processing experts at SCS Cloud to save you money and advise on the best credit card processing solution for your unique NetSuite powered business.

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Avoiding Bad NetSuite
Credit Card Processors

The fact is that NetSuite credit card processing options are convoluted with a variety of gateways, processors and acquirers available. Some are NetSuite certified and others are custom non-certified solutions with sketchy reliability. How do you choose the right solution for your business and how to avoid a bad NetSuite credit card processor?

The professionals here at SCS Cloud would like to help you cut through the fog of NetSuite credit card processing and guide you in making the best choice to fit your business and one that integrates with your unique NetSuite configuration and setup.

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Credit Card
Processing Terms

Here are some important credit card processing terms that you should really understand.
Hover over each term to view the definitions.


Securely transmits the online payment data to the processor to continue the lifecycle of the transaction. It also authorizes payments for card-not-present transactions, mostly e-commerce websites. Think of it as an online point-of-sale terminal for your business.


Manages the credit card transaction process by acting as the mediator between the merchant and the financial institutions involved. A processor can authorize transactions and works on merchants getting paid on time by facilitating the transfer of funds.


The financial institution that holds and manages the bank account for a merchant who wishes to accept payment via credit or debit cards. The acquirer, also known as the acquiring or merchant bank, is the financial institution that maintains a merchant’s account in order to accept credit cards. The acquirer settles card transactions for a merchant into their account. Sometimes the payment processor and the acquirer are one and the same.

In many cases the processor and acquirer are the same company and in some cases the processor also acts as the gateway.

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Certified vs Non-Certified
NetSuite Credit Card Solutions

A certified NetSuite credit card processing solution means the provider must have been granted exclusive access to the NetSuite SuitePayments program and had their integrated solution fully vetted and certified by NetSuite and then become a valid NetSuite Payment Service Provider (PSP).

All certified NetSuite PSPs can be found on the NetSuite SuiteApp exchange:

All non-certified NetSuite credit card processing vendors have built 100% custom credit card processing solutions using their own programming stack on top of NetSuite. These are generally quite complex requiring extensive custom NetSuite scripting to provide a truly seamless experience for all the various use cases where credit card processing can take place within NetSuite.

Such solutions tend to get meager traction with NetSuite customers and are difficult to support because any NetSuite update or release could break the solution leaving their customers high and dry while they scramble to fix their solution. SCS Cloud therefore does not recommend non-certified NetSuite credit card processing solutions.

Remember that if a vendor is not listed on the SuiteApp exchange then they are not a certified solution regardless of what they may say.

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Certified NetSuite
Credit Card Solutions

There are currently only nine certified NetSuite Payment Service Providers.
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Freedom Pay



USA Only




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NetSuite Gateway
and Acquirer Pricing

NetSuite credit card gateway pricing is generally straight forward:

10¢ – 15¢ cents per transaction.

$49 – $199 monthly fee depending on setup.

A one-time setup fee up to $299.

NetSuite credit card processor or acquirer pricing is typically interchange-plus pricing:

Interchange-plus pricing gives full transparency on all the various charges going to the processor, credit card issuing bank and credit card association (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.)

The fees charged by the credit card issuing bank and association are fixed and are not negotiable and depend on the type of credit card the customer uses (e.g. debit, corporate card, rewards card, etc.) Each card type has a specific and published interchange rate.

The processor makes money by applying a markup which, in the NetSuite world, is normally 30 basis points or 0.30% on every transaction (100 basis points = 1%).

A processor will also charge other fees on top of the markup:

4¢ – 10¢ cents
per transaction

Monthly fee

Statement fee

Gateway fee

Other fees

Normally interchange-plus pricing is fixed regardless of the volume of monthly transactions. An exception is Adyen which has a complicated tier structure charging a range of basis points. eWay pricing is another exception and expensive with a fixed 150 basis points or 1.5% and $0.25 per transaction.

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Present NetSuite
Credit Card Processing Solutions

Beyond the sophisticated and expensive NetSuite Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions available from NetSuite, there are a few non-certified solutions which can also be quite expensive and force you to use a specific processor.

Another option is to leverage the standard NetSuite transaction records – Cash Sale, Sales Order, Customer Deposit and Customer Payment - with a fully integrated credit card reader.

SCS Cloud has developed a fully integrated solution using the Ingenico Lane Series of credit card terminals and the Freedom Pay gateway:

The FreedomPay + SCS Cloud solution is fast, secure and utilizes the same NetSuite Payment Processing Profile as card-not-present transactions which is excellent because then card present and card-not-present transactions all roll up to the same gateway - Freedom Pay.

This solution also uniquely provides Level II and Level III data for card present transactions which can greatly reduce the interchange-plus rates from the processor.

Getting the Best Deal on
NetSuite Credit Card Processing

Understanding all the ins and outs of NetSuite credit card processing, which gateway to use, which processor is best, negotiating rates, understanding the limitations of each solution within your NetSuite setup, these can all be daunting to get your wits around.

Let the professionals here at SCS Cloud help you make the best choice that will save you money and give you a stable and reliable NetSuite credit card processing solution.